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Peta Belajar Bersama

Sobat, dalam materi ini kita bersama-sama belajar beberapa hal berikut.

Yuk sobat, kita mulai belajar bersama!

Verbal Past Tense

Simple Past Tense adalah tenses yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kegiatan yang terjadi dimasa lampau dan waktu terjadinya persitiwa itu telah diketahui.

 Rumus Verbal : 
(+) S + VERB 2 + O + ADV OF TIME

  • Beni went to jogja last week.
  • I ate bread yesterday
  • The Nurse went to the hospital yesterday.
  • Last night I played my guitar loudly and the neighbors complained.
  • It rained yesterday.
  • Angela watched TV all night.
  • John wanted to go to the museum.

(-) S + DID + NOT + VERB 1 + ADV.OF TIME

  • Beni did not go to Jogja last week.
  • I did not eat bread yesterday.
  • The Nurse did not go to the hospital yesterday.
  • I didn't want to go to the dentist.
  • She didn't have time.
  • You didn't close the door.
  • He didn't come to my party.
  • They didn't study so they didn't pass the test.
  • We didn't sleep well last night.

(?) DID + S + VERB 1 + O + ADV OF TIME

  • Did Beni go to Jogja last week?
  • Did you eat bread yesterday?
  • Did the Nurse go to the hospital yesterday?
  • Did you go to work yesterday?
  • Did they arrive on time?
  • Did she like the surprise?
  • Where did she go?
  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What did you say? - I didn't say anything.
  • Why did we have to come?

Ayo, Sobat, kalian juga coba buat kalimat menggunakan bentuk waktu ini di kolom komentar.

Nominal Past Tense

 Rumus Nominal : 
(+) S + to be 2 (was/were) + Adj / Noun / Adverb
(-) S + to be 2 (was/were) + Adj / Noun / Adverb
(?) to be 2 + S + Adj / Noun / Adverb ?

 Contoh Kalimat Nominal Simple Past Tense : 
(+) He was a doctor.
(-) He was not a doctor.
(?) Was he a doctor?

Note: Was: digunakan untuk pronoun I, He, She, dan It.
Were: digunakan untuk pronoun You, We, They.

Latihan 1

Complete the following sentence!

It was not until he arrived in class and he ... he had forgotten her book.

A. is realizing

B. had realized

C. realized

D. has been realized

E. was realizing

Latihan 2

Complete the following sentence!

I and my friends …. our project yet.

A. didn't finish

B. didn't finished

C. don't finish

D. doesn't finish

E. doesn't finished

Latihan 3

Complete the following sentence!

She ... at Amanda's party last night

A. is

B. was

C. were

D. has

E. had

Latihan 4

Complete the following sentence!

Almira and Tasya ... to the museum last week.

A. go

B. goes

C. went

D. gone

E. going

Latihan 5

Complete the following dialogue!

Amber: There was an accident yesterday

Billie: Oh really? ... anybody get hurt?

Amber: No, fortunately

A. do

B. did

C. is

D. does

E. was

Latihan 6

Choose the correct answer!

... he read a novel last night?

A. do

B. did

C. done

D. are

E. is

Latihan 7

Choose the best answer of A, B, C, D and E!

Nadya ... me in this market yesterday.

A. meeting

B. meets

C. met

D. meet

E. lend

Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense
adalah pola kalimat yang terjadi pada masa lampau dan masih berpengaruh hingga sekarang.

Rumus Verbal :
(+) S + Have/Has + V3 + O
(-) S + Have/Has + not + V3 + O
(?) have/has + S + V3 + O

Contoh Kalimat Verbal Present Perfect Tense :
(+) I have finished my work.
(-) I have not finished my work.
(?) Have I finished my work?

Present Perfect Tense

Rumus Nominal :

(+) S + have/has + to be 3 (been) + non verb + O
(-) S + have/has + not + to be 3 + non verb + O
(?) have/has + S + to be 3 + non verb + O?

Contoh Kalimat Nominal Present Perfect Tense :
(+) She has been here for 10 minutes.
(-) She has not been here for 10 minutes.
(?) Has she been here for 10 minutes?

Latihan 1

Complete the following dialogue!

Ambar: What are you looking for?
Kiki: My wallet; I don't know where I ... it.'

A. have put

B. have been putting

C. had put

D. am putting

E. was putting

Latihan 2

Complete the following dialogue!

A: Woah, today is so tiring.
B: Have you finish your English homework?
A: I haven't, but ....

A. They writes three pages already.

B. They has been written three pages already.

C. They are writing three pages already.

D. They have written three pages already.

E. They written three letter already.

Latihan 3

Complete the following dialogue!

Adam: Have you …. your homework yet?
Bayu: No, I haven’t.

A. Did

B. Have done

C. Done

D. Doing

E. Do

Latihan 4

Complete the following dialogue!

Sarah: Why did Emma come back home?
Ben: Oh, she … her money.
Sarah: Okay then let’s wait for her.

A. Forget

B. Have forgot

C. Has forgot

D. Has forget

E. Has forgotten

Latihan 5

Complete the sentence below!

Erin …. ten movies so far.

A. See

B. Saw

C. Seen

D. Has seen

E. Will have seen

Latihan 6

Complete the sentence below!

My young sister …. ball to his friend.

A. Have not bring

B. Has brought

C. Have brought

D. Will bring

E. Bring

Latihan 7

Complete the sentence below!

Has she …. to Tangerang last month?

A. Gone

B. Went

C. Not gone

D. Going

E. Go

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