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Giving Suggestion

Sobat pintar, suggestions dapat digunakan dalam bentuk solusi, saran, rencana dan ide.

Misalnya teman kalian sedang dalam masalah tidak bisa mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris maka kalian dapat menyarankannya untuk mengikuti kursus bahasa inggris.

Berikut ini merupakan expressions of giving suggestions:

  • Let's ....
  • Why don't we ....
  • We could ....
  • What about  ....
  • How about ....
  • I suggest that  ....
  • You might want to change  ....
  • I think ....
  • I don't think  ....

Example of using Suggestions in sentences

Sobat pintar, kalau ekspresi di bawah ini adalah contoh dalam bentuk kalimat lengkap

  • Let's go to the library.
  • Let's go to movies.
  • Why don't you do your homework before going out?
  • We could eat at home today.
  • What about eating at the new place?
  • How about going to Sam's place first?
  • I suggest that we call it a day.
  • You need to change your sleeping habits.
  • I think you should go and meet her.
  • I think we should do it this way.
  • Would you like to … ?
  • Would you mind going to the city centre ?
  • What do you think about going to the swimming pool ?
  • Let’s go to the swimming pool!

Yuk, coba buat contoh kalimat yang lain di kolom komentar.

Responding Suggestions

Sobat, berikut ini terdapat beberapa contoh ekspresi untuk merespon saran yang diberikan.

  • Yes, it’s a great idea.
  • I agree.
  • It sounds great.
  • Yes, let’s do that/it.
  • Super! OK! All right!

Yuk, yang lain coba gunakan beberapa ekspresi yang sudah ada di kolom komentar.

Latihan 1

Hey, Siti. ... go star gazing tonight?

A. are you

B. how about

C. shall them

D. would you like to

E. how can

Latihan 2

Sam: “Would you like to go watch a movie this weekend? “

Carly: “I can't, I am low on cash right now.” ... stay at home and watch TV instead.

A. Let's

B. I think

C. We should

D. How about

E. What about

Conditional (If Clause)

Selanjutnya ada yang namanya If Clause nih sobat pintar. Apa sih If Clause itu?

If clause adalah sebuah kata atau kalimat yang menunjukkan mengenai suatu pengandaian atau perumpamaan. Ada beberapa `if caluse` yang akan dipelajari. Untuk lebih lengkapnya yuk simak penjelasan berikut sobat pintar

Zero Conditional

Digunakan untuk membicarakan tentang hal yang memang benar terjadi dan memiliki pola kalimat sebagai berikut:

If + S + V1 + O, S + V1+ O

Contoh di dalam kalimat:

  • When the sun goes down, it gets dark.
  • If you put the water in the fridge, it freezes.
  • If you turn on the lamp, it lights up the room.

First Conditional

Digunakan untuk membicarakan kejadian yang benar terjadi dan juga situasi yang memungkinkan. Pola kalimat yang digunakan adalah:

If + S + V1 + O, S + will/can + V1 + O

Contoh di dalam kalimat:

  1. If I have enough money, I will buy the concert ticket for us.
  2. If I go to Korea, I can meet my friends who live there.
  3. If they are able to manage the event well, we will have a forgettable moment.
  4. If we don't hurry, we'll be late.

Jadi di dalam kalimat ini, kemungkinan situasi yang tertulis untuk terjadi, peluangnya cukup besar. Jika hal yang diandaikan masih bisa terjadi, gunakanlah pola kalimat ini.

Second Conditional

Digunakan untuk membicarakan suatu hal yang tidak terjadi atau ketidakmungkinan.

Dapat juga dipahami sebagai pengandaian yang ditulis adalah sesuatu yang bertentangan di masa yang sekarang, gunakanlah kalimat pengandaian tipe yang kedua ini. Formulanya adalah:

If + S + V2 + O, S + would/could +V1 + O

Contoh di dalam kalimat:

  1. If I had a new car, I could travel around the city.
  2. If I became famous, I would be happy.
  3. If I could turn back the time, I would study harder.
  4. If I spoke Italian, I'd go and live in Rome.

Gimana sobat pintar, sudah mulai memahami 3 jenis if clause diatas?
Sekarang kita lanjut ke jenis yang lainnya ya.

Third Conditional

Digunakan saat membicarakan imajinasi untuk sesuatu berbeda yang sudah atau tidak terjadi di masa lampau. Pola kalimatnya:

If + S + had + V3, S + would/should + have + V3

Contoh di dalam kalimat:

  • If I had played better, I would have won the competition.
  • It would have been easier, if she had understood the basic skill.
  • If the dog hadn't barked, we souldn't have known there was someone in the garden.

Nah, bagaimana nih, Sobat, penjelasan diatas?

Yuk, kalian coba buat kalimat menggunakan conditional sentense seperti diatas.

Conditional (If Clause)

If clause + imperative statements

Yaitu if clause yang diikuti oleh kata imperative (perintah). Contoh :

  1. If you worry too much and don`t have enough confidence to face the world, lighten up!
  2. If you want to cheer up your friends, encourage them to join a challenging program

If clause + suggestion statement

Yaitu if clause yang diikuti oleh kalimat yang menunjukkan suggestion. Contoh :

  1. If you want to relax, why don`t you study batik painting?
  2. If you want to improve your concentration, why don't you study batik painting?

Latihan 1

If the player scores another goal, the result ... a draw.

A. is to be

B. will have been

C. will be

D. would be

E. would have been

Latihan 2

It would have been failure if ...."

A. the way-out was being found in time

B. the way-out hasn't been found in time

C. the way-out would be found in time

D. the way-out hadn't been found in time

E. the way-out was found in time

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